Bearing The Burden…

Bearing The Burden….


Looking Forward…

Looking Forward….

A New Beginning

I got a job today!!!! I have been chasing it for a while and I am so happy that it all came through. I will be working part-time and Lily’s daycare. It is very exciting for the two of us. Our little life is in constant transition. But, right now I am working toward it being for the better. The director of the daycare gave me a huge hug and told me welcome to the family. It was nice that I have already known most of them for two years now and it will be an easy transition into the job. I registered for four classes this summer semester and am excited to continue on this journey. I am going to take English, Interpersonal Communication, Math (uggg), and Psychology. I think I may be crazy. LOL Sarcastic God has been blessing us and I am grateful. I would like to say thanks again to my parents for letting me use their car. I love you guys. and appreciate all you do.