Eating Organic…

Eating Organic….


Journal Of The Everyday...

This month has been full of photos…I decided to put them all in the same place so here they are! I have had so much fun doing this challenge and learned so much about something I have always been interested in but never really pursued. But now I am thinking it is time for me to learn more about photography and to better document my daughter and I’s life through photos. 🙂 The phrase photography with a purpose comes to mind. Well I hope you enjoy them and as I post new ones I will add them. ❤



This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge –

<img title="I Heart Faces Photo Challenge Submission" src="" alt="Photo Challenge Submission" />

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I have value I have worth…

I have value I have worth….

Just raw…

Just raw….

I Lost…

I Lost….

Time goes so fast…

Time goes so fast….

A New Opportunity

A New Opportunity.