My Scar Tells Her Story

My Scar Tells Her Story.


My Scar Tells Her Story

…independent and sassy from the start the scar I bear tells the story of the beautiful life that was pulled from my womb. Fire flows from her soul and spunkiness exudes from her every step, independence, strength and wisdom glow on her face…sweet kisses and hugs at all the right times bring joy to her mother’s heart and in her weakness fortitude and stubbornness abound…curiosity and creativity are her guide and love her grounding force…drawing you in with fierce dark eyes and an unforgettable laugh, she will bring tears to your eyes with sweet prayers and silly stories while singing and dancing her way through the day…once this tiny tornado has laid her head down you realize that she has enthralled you in a way that makes you know that you will never escape the grasp she has on your heart…My scar tells her story…she came into this world upside down and backwards  2 1/2 weeks early, true to her own unique style and timing…praise God for this beautiful, wonderful creature…Lily Irene.


Thanks Mary Mouser for this photo from Easter. 🙂