Today is a new day.

Peace washes over me and a new sense of accomplishment being that today was a for a new beginning and a greater knowledge of my future and what it entails. A new day with a new perspective. I love how God works that way. Contemplation is healing and saying what you mean is freeing. Many times I see my gifts as a curse that my touchy feely nature and blatant honesty trip me on the path to success. But, the more I learn and open my heart and mind to embracing possibilities the more affirmation I receive that the path I took with my education is where I am supposed to be. I appreciate that Sociology and Social Work align so well with how my personality, passions and way of thinking. Liberal to me is no longer a bad word it means LIBERATION. It means that I will get to liberally apply my talents in the service of others. To help free them from the destruction that drags them down and to show them that not all is lost and that like the Phoenix they to can rise from the fires of hell on earth and with the right tools rebuild the foundation of a productive life.  Yay God for highlighting the truth and evicting fear and doubt from my heart. Even if it is just for the moment what a beautiful feeling to remember for next time. 🙂

I love this song watch the video!!!!!

Strength of a Woman


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