A Very Johnston Christmas

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas filled with love and  joy. This year had many poignant moments I was sadden by not being able to give Christmas to my nephews and niece but am extremely grateful to my wonderful family for making me feel like it was no big deal.  Lily and I spent Christmas Eve at my dad and moms house we played games and had a ton of fun. Then it was off to our house where we spent our first Christmas morning as a family just her and I. I had to get Lily out of she slept till 8:30. I had so much fun watching her open her gifts and the joy on her face was priceless. Soon we headed to Poppy and Hon’s for a yummy french toast breakfast. After breakfast we all sat down in the living room. Everyone was there The Ivies, The Arbons, and all that are Johnstons. 🙂 Including of course Pop and Hon the fearless leaders of our band of crazies. (I mean that in the best of ways.) All the kids were so excited and they got to open their gifts and start to enjoy the love that was spread all over them by their family. Lily had a particularly good year and some amazing gifts. I have a very generous family. Lily and I were truly spoiled and blessed by my parents & siblings and are extremely grateful for their generosity. Lily did turn into a bit of a Christmas monster 🙂 a underslept overly excited one. With that being said she is one of the cutest and still very sweet monster of my heart and , I am sure that she will soon better understand the attitude of gratefulness fully. There is one gift I would like to say a special word of thanks for. Pat and Cherie gave all the kids a book called “When We Were Young,” they wrote and illustrated it themselves. Tears came to my eyes when Lily was opening this treasure and I want to say that I know hard work and love went into it and how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness!! Pat & Cherie you are awesome. Christmas 2010 was a day filled with fun, games a few joyful tears and lots of laughter. Thank you to all who made our Christmas special. We love all the wonderful people in our lives. Thanks for helping us have a fantastic Christmas. And are looking forward to a wonderful New Year!!

Christmas 2010


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