My Siblings

Siblings are a wonderful thing. I have April my older sister, Leah my younger sister and my brother James who is the baby. 🙂 I appreciate each one of them uniquely. And, for vastly different reasons. My memories of childhood are filled with giggling, silliness (that I am sure at times drove our parents crazy)and playing for hours in the indian village and rock palace. April was our comic relief and boss. She has grown into a woman to be respected for her integrity, intelligence and love for God, she and her husband serve God and are not ashamed to live out loud for the Lord. She is a great mom and like our parents always seeks to do the right thing. April holds a special place in my heart I have always looked to her for advice and acceptance she is fun and interesting. Leah is very special she was always shy and more reserved but when she spoke people listened much like our father. She is more vocal now but still is a quiet yet powerful presence in our family we still listen when she speaks. She is a amazingly patient mother of three and a good wife.  She has always sought to follow the rules and to live in a way that is respectable. I completely respect her sweet and beautiful nature and appreciate that she always is willing to lend a helping hand and a listening ear. These beautiful women are so wonderful and I am proud to call them my sisters. I love and respect them very much. Last but certainly not least, James the baby and only boy he is oh so special. He is the picture of a true blue person and one of the hardest working people I have ever known. He is a tower of strength a good friend, amazing son, grandson, husband and the best brother anyone could ask for.  He is always willing to help were needed. James is the kind of man who I want my daughter to look up to as the example of what a man should be full of integrity, loyalty and love. These words pale in comparison to the amazing people my siblings are I appreciate how they love Lily and are great examples to me in life. April, Leah and James, I love you with all my heart and cherish every memory, conversation and holiday I get with you and your wonderful families.


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  1. apemarie
    Nov 10, 2010 @ 13:51:08

    Mom sent us an email link to this post. So encouraging and kind! Thank you for such uplifting words. I love you, always. ox


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