My Baby is 3.

My Baby Girl Lily is 3. WOW how did time fly so fast. I remember like it was yesterday yelling up the stairs at my parents, I THINK I AM IN LABOR. And hearing what do you mean you think. 🙂 It was 2:50am on a Monday morning. We raced to the hospital as my stubborn little toot was upside down and backwards and I absolutely was not gonna have her naturally. I was so unprepared and scared to death. All I could think about was my room is a disaster and I have nothing ready I need more time but Lily had ideas of her own. Which by the way has stayed true to form. 😉 At 5:46am there she was pretty, scrunchy nosed, black-haired perfection. The most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on. My long-held dream had come true and I was a Mom. The last three years have been hard, wonderful, special, and looking back sooo many precious moments have come to pass and I would not change a thing about her or our lives together. She is smart, sassy, independent, sweet and just the best thing that has ever happened to me.  She is such a good helper and always on the go. She has the best laugh and reminds me of the beauty of simplicity. She prays like she is talking to a friend and I pray that never ends. Lily you are a precious and wonderful gift from God. I love you more than I ever thought I could love someone and praise God for you.


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