Beautiful Irene

I am not sure what to say or how to begin but to say I love you and desperately miss you. Your absense is a poignant hurt today on your 83 birthday. I think of you every single day. Your spice and sass are in my Little Lily Irene and maybe a little in me too. I often look at pictures and remember all the times we spent laughing, talking, and just being together. The way we loved each other was unique and special and the contributions that you made to my life run deep. Your imprint is as strong as ever on my heart. I still think if I could just talk to Grandma everything would better and it all would come together. It brings tears to my eye when I realize that is not possible. I know you are still with me and that you will stay alive in my heart and mind forever. I remember the last time I saw you I sat down on your bed and hugged you and gave you a kiss and you just held me whispered in my ear that you loved me and how good it felt to have your arms around me and mine around you. Beautiful thank you for loving me, teaching me, consoling me and just being my friend.
All My Love,

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  1. Vera
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 13:00:56

    I cried as I read this for she was such a special person in soo manys lives…. I wish we could hold her once again in our arms too, she did loves us like no one else could and will always be our best friend but now she gets to hang out with our Lord and untill we meet again… I love you!!!


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