Summer Break

It has been awhile and I have meant to keep updated but alas I am behind. Though in my defense I have been very busy and distracted. Open-mouthed smile Lily and I started off the summer with a 9 day trip to Denver. Israel graduated from college and it was our privledge to share that experience with him. We had a great time which included a trip to the zoo and the butterfly pavillion. We also got time with the wonderful Tasayco’s and Nielsen’s. They treated Lily so great and it is wonderful to have extended family like that. We have had some great times with the Johnston’s, Ivie’s, and the Arbon’s. But, I have been in school full-time and I am working at Shepard’s Fold Daycare. (Where Lily attends.) Which I love, the people there make it feel like going home. I have also had the priveldge of spending some extra time Mike’s side of the family and that has been really fun I have learned to appreciate them in a new way recently. I am grateful for all the people in my life and their unique contribution to Lily and I’s lives. More is to come but here are the basics for now. Smile

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