A New Relationship

Gus……well I met someone about a month ago. His name is obviously Gus. He is such a great and amazing man. He is a hard worker and has such amazing integrity and such a wonderful outlook on life. I have come to appreciate him so much!!!! This past weekend I got the opportunity to meet him face to face. The weekend was way to short and due to curcimstances out of both of our control we didn’t get the time together we both wanted, but it was still fantastic. He is kind and sweet, very complimetary and has opened my heart in a way that has allowed me to feel more free and open to love. The past though not gone is more healed and the wounds of the past are becoming fading scars. I pray that the Lord will bless this budding love, that it will grow into the mature love that I have wanted my whole life. Thank you Lord for my many blessings.

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