Wednesday, I was driving to work with my beautiful baby asleep in the back seat and I was thinking of all I have done so far this week and all I still have to do. Then, my Outcomes Assessment for English popped into my head and I was overwhelmed with emotion because of God’s provision and how grateful I am to Him for allowing me to do well. I have never been a good student with my ADHD and what I call crazy brain that goes along with it always tripped me up. I especially have had no confidence in my writing skills. I have always felt that I was extremely inadaquate in that department. This semester however has been fantastically healing from the wounds that high school left on my pysche. I still battle the thoughts that I will never be good enough for college work but I am trying and I am gonna keep working on building my confidence. Nerd The truth I think that God is trying to work on me about is that with hardwork the possibilities are endless.  

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  1. Linda
    Jul 13, 2010 @ 11:37:03

    Maybe another thing God is telling you is that you are a child of the King! The King doesn\’t make junk. Love you, Mom


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