Hard Work

Peru Presentation.pptx (this is my sllide show for my cultural presentation in Spanish.)
Have you ever had this feeling like you accomplished something really cool and you are really proud of your hard work. But, when it comes to sharing that with someone else it just seems to fall flat? I am happy to say that this week has been very very hard and of course it is not over. But, I can say that all I have accomplished makes me feel proud and is little by little helping me see that maybe my goals are attainable and that I have the fortitude to really do well. I would love to share this with someone and have a fantastic reaction. But, unless you were here through the nearly sleepless nights and the blood, sweat and tears that went into all this work it really falls flat on impressing someone. So, I am gonna be proud that God has given me the opportunity to see and feel the rewards of a hard fought first semester and look forward to what lies ahead. FINALS. Here is wishing for luck and all A’s. Confused

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