Tonight I had a friend call me and ask if she could come over. I said of course she could. I was so glad to see her. It was like she feds my soul I love her and appreciate her in ways she doesn’t even know. I realized awhile ago that all my friendships were in trouble and I kept thinking it was the other person. But it wasn’t just one friends it was two, three, all. And so I took a step back and recognized the common thread. ME. I expected my friends to be great, there for me, people that catered to my every whim but I wasn’t willing to do the same I was annoyed and pissed all the time. So, I started thinking about the kind of friend I had been and realized that I was not being what I wanted to have. I am working on it and trying to be better. And am so grateful to my beloved friends whom stuck by me bitchy or not and continue to stick by me. And, that they have never given up and are a encouraging force in my life. I am so glad that you needed me tonight I needed you too. Thanks to all those we love me even though you don’t have to. I can’t imagine how sad and boring my life would be without you. Red heart

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